The Challenge: Encourage St. John’s residents to show more patronage towards local businesses versus shopping online
Insight: Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have an unmatched pride and sense of humanity with a proud history of storytelling and a passion to protect, preserve, and promote their way of life
Idea: Rather than speak for them, we’ll let Newfoundlanders and Labradorians share personal experiences and stories about how special their community is. The city of St. John’s will tell its own story – the real story. By highlighting the personal experiences and intimate stories of St. John’s residents, a comprehensive and engaging argument will be painted for why people should be prioritizing the IRL shopping experience over a URL one
The St. John's Scrapbook will be placed in a highly foot-trafficked area in downtown St. John's. Residents and visitors of St. John’s can write a brief memory about something special that took place that day that really exemplifies the amicable spirit of St. John’s

Wild postings and store window decals will be used to build up an overarching narrative of storytelling throughout the city of St. John’s. We’ll borrow real, glowing and interesting online reviews of St. John’s businesses and share these positive sentiments through OOH executions. Once the Scrapbook is filled with more recent and intimate stories, the wild postings will be updated and begin to reflect the entries in the Scrapbook
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